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6 unique reasons why you should hire us as your wedding videographer

So you are thinking of a wedding videographer? Great! We promise it will be one of your best purchases.


Your wedding day will pass in the blink of an eye, so below are some special key reasons as to why we believe we are the best cinematographers for the job!

One of the most common themes we hear from our customers is that ‘we didn’t notice you were there’ – check out reviews. Where possible we always work on the peripheries, one step behind your photographer.

Even when you have your couple shots, if we can, we capture our footage as you have your photographs taken, but sometimes they move to quick so we may just ask for an extra 10 minutes with yourselves.

TWO //

You pay most of the balance after your wedding day

We know that we are operating in a competitive industry where having a video perhaps isn’t a priority. So to help you with your budgeting we just ask for a deposit and a small second payment before the big day, and the remaining balance (70% or more) is payable after we have completed your edit and it is ready to send to you.  


Filmed and edited by filmmakers

We have been shooting weddings for 10 years but we were making short films before then! 9 times out of 10 your wedding video will be shot by Jon who runs the company – he has written and directed films which have been shown in festivals up and down the UK so you know you are in experienced hands.


Some companies (please do check!) farm out the editing to other companies. You can be rest assured that we keep it in house.


We film your breakfast!

We know what you are thinking…Of course you do, you are being to paid to film our wedding! Well having done our research into our competitors we know that a lot of companies actually don’t film a huge amount here.  Yes we don’t film people eating, and this is where we have a break, but often there is half an hour at least towards the end when you are walking around tables chatting to your guests where we can capture some more images of people enjoying themselves.



We are flexible

How many companies have you seen that restrict the ‘hours of attendance’ or will not stay for the first dance if it doesn’t magically fall before 8pm? We will stay as long as it takes from ceremony to first dance. If your first dance falls an hour after you indicated, that’s fine!


Another common practice by companies is to restrict the editing time. We believe it takes how long it organically takes to make it the best we can.

SIX //

We have fantastic shooting and audio kit

We use top of the range sony cameras and lenses, and more importantly we don’t overlook sound. We have enough radio mics for the best man, groom and father of the bride!


We also have some tricks up our sleeve for aerial shots, smooth gliding shots and walking shots.

ONE //

 We are discreet