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We were commisioned to create a promotional video for social media which would be used to publicise the new partnership of Ilah Brows and Dove Spa.


We attended a Dove Spa salon in Hertfordshire and filmed an expert beauty technician in real time complete an Ilah brow routine using two of Dove's new 'real women' models.


We gathered three hours of real time footage and crafted and condensed it into a polished attention keeping 1 minute 31 second film.


Painter LOW RES

Business promo video and mini doc films to voice your brand

From cake maker to museum, we can help you promote your business or brand by working with you to create a promotional film to assist with engaging with customers old and new.  


We will work with you to script your film showcasing the key messages you wish to convey; filming striking images at location and then perhaps filming some interviews or voice over, all before deciding on some copyright cleared music to bring the short film together into one polished piece that will be sure to grab your audiences attention.


Please view a few examples of our client videos below to the left or contact us to tell us about your video requirements.


Mini documentary promo film

Artist Ben Hope

We were commissioned by a local artist to produce a short film that would serve as both a stand alone mini documentary piece that would create interest surrounding Ben, but also as a supporting document that could be supplied to gallery exhibitions.


After an initial meet up we shot the interviews in the morning, and the exteriors in the afternoon, luckily we had great weather!  


Promotional video

Sevendroog Castle

The Sevendroog Castle Trust needed a teaser film to promote the re-opening of the venue after being derelict for 25 years.


We were granted access to the site while restoration was taking place to depict some great shots of 'work in progress' but we needed to be restrained with footage just enough, to ensure the general public still had that ‘wow’ factor when visiting.


The final film had a filmic tone and sense of what is to come upon re-opening, greatly assisted by the music creating the ambience.



Small business promo film

Ilah Brows