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Hire us to film your event and capture all of the best moments. Whether it is an awards ceremony, sporting event or summer ball, we will film and edit footage encapsulating it into a cinematic short film to educate or entertain new audiences and existing ones. Your video could be anything from 1 to 10 mins!


Having produced award winning short films you can be sure we know how to find the prefect shot while constantly editing in our head as we go!


Of course a number of clients have unique requirements for example; a promotional video including interviews from the attendees reflecting live from the event - not a problem, just contact us to discuss.




Throughout the summer we filmed many events taking place on-site at the ORNC, from The Tall Ships Festival to Jools Holland and Greenwich Music Time.


We spent lots of fun hours strolling around with our cameras capturing the atmosphere and activities taking place. The hardest thing was the 6am call time in Greenwich Park for the time-lapse at the start!


The ORNC have used our film to promote their future events






We were invited to shoot some behind the scenes footage of a fashion photo shoot for the new collection from Delores Airey, an independent knitwear designer.


We spent the best part of the day in the Studio Photo Gallery at The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, shooting the BTS with one camera, slider and tripod live as it happened, with no set up shots so as to keep it natural and not to hold back on the pace for the client.




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Promotional event films to reflect and connect with current and future audiences

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The Old Royal Naval College

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The Old Royal Naval College