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Awards, presentations, talks, seminars, discussions, concerts - we cover all live events as-it-happens with multiple camera and audio set ups.  


Talk to us about your live event and we will advise on the best format. There are a few exceptions, but the majority of filming jobs break down into either:


- Wide.  

- Wide and close up.

- Wide, close up and audience shot.


Do you need your audience mic’d up or a roving microphone? And PA system? All technical considerations will be discussed in detail to fit your needs, budget and event format.




In this three camera video for consultants Eden McCallum we filmed a panel discussion with various heads of business including Innocent smoothies and Talk Talk who talk and discuss 'disruptive innovation.'


Filmed at the RSA in central London, we were able to utilise a direct feed from the mixing desk into three cameras covering close up, wide and audience.

We then worked closely with the client to edit down a 1hr 30min talk into 15 minutes.






camera lens in focus pointing at a panel of people who are out of focus

Live event filming so your audience knows exactly what was said and when

3 camera panel talk

Eden McCallum